We Help Women.

Rochelle Rottenstein and the Rottenstein Law Group are dedicated to helping women who have been hurt by dangerous prescription drugs or defective medical devices get compensation for their injuries.

The lawyers of the Rottenstein Law Group have been through the process of demanding satisfaction from big companies time and time again. It’s never routine for us, though, and it certainly isn’t familiar to you. Our experience has taught us that victims of dangerous products have to deal with too much uncertainty and fear.

You’ve suffered more than enough already. The companies that made the products that caused you harm know it, too. They set aside money to settle lawsuits with their victims. But they’re not just going to write you a check. You need an advocate to represent you and your interests. You need the Rottenstein Law Group.

This website provides information about the drugs and products most often reported and alleged to have caused injuries to women. Here you’ll learn what you need to know about the products themselves, the companies that make and sell them, the harms reported, and the legal options for victims.

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